Fifteen years ago technological advancements made it necessary for businesses to have a website. Around the last decade, it became important for the businesses to get some processes automated for more profits and cost savings. They understand the need for technological advancement but are confused and unaware of the point from where to start.



Grab a cup of coffee

Our belief – “A lot can happen over a cup of coffee” - Café Coffee Day. We will sit and sip coffee while discussing in lengths about your million dollar idea. We will learn more about your business and your target audience. We will set ourselves into action to create the user personas for different user types and establish that big picture that you dreamed of.


Order a pizza

A few days later, we will make you order your favorite pizza. While, your pizza arrives we will walk you through how we painted the picture of your million dollar idea, the UX. While enjoying your pizza, you can feel your idea kicking in the computers' womb. You will have an idea of the functionality of your project by the prototype that we created. Now that we ran you through the prototype, you quickly mention the changes, if any.



Enjoy the Donuts

After finalization of the design and prototyping, we will set the development rolling. We can arrange a stand-up every day. While you enjoy your donuts, we quickly move you through the progress we made yesterday, inform you what is going to be done and communicate anything that stands in our progress. This keeps the entire team to be in sync.


We care for you

We hold meetings in lengths every fortnight. While you enjoy the sunset with chilled beer, we walk you through the completed tasks. We communicate you the tasks that we intend to accomplish before next meeting. These meetings help to avoid the potential loopholes.



Celebrate with Champagne

We eagerly wait to see a smile and a sense of satisfaction on your face that comes when we come up with your most awaited product. It’s the time, now, for opening the champagne for celebrating the grand launch of your million dollar idea.

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