Our Mission

FewerClicks works to deliver cost-effective, results-driven web and mobile based solutions that offer a personalised service with quantifiable results to businesses. If you’re looking to hire a web and mobile app development service provider for a completely fresh approach to creative websites, clever web and mobile application development and mobile/web solutions, then you’ve found the right web and mobile application development company.

We deliver a high quality and customized web design

We support our customers once signing a contract

We streamline an expanded array of web

We pursue web-enabled niche markets with professionals

We are committed to giving back

According to FAO estimates in ‘The State of Food Insecurity in the World, 2015” report, 194.6 million people are undernourished in India. By this measure India is home to a quarter of the undernourished population in the world. So, we decided to donate a part of our income to the poor. We are targeting to feed 100,000 people by end of 2018.

Our Values

Customer Experience

Regular standups, chats, emails helps in delivering a positive customer experience. We tend to follow customer centric approach.

Enthusiastic Team

Our team showcases an excellent example of professional-personal bonding. The success of our team is integral to our own success.

Innovative Thinking

Our global expertise in technology enables us to empower all our business clients with cutting edge technologies and innovations.

Creative Developers

We are team of imaginative programmers, designers who are working on your amazing idea to help you stand out of the crowd.

Punctual Delivery

Our well defined process helps getting things done on time. We spot the loopholes very early that prevents delay.

Incredible Support

Our Project Managers are your personal assitants for all your queries and will also suggest you improvements to provide satisfied service.

Who We Are

How FewerClicks came into existence?

In 2011, Deep, highly enthusiastic, motivated and energized, was out in the world of selling (when nothing works out in life, people choose sales as their profession ;-) as is the case with most of the sales professionals) in the Information Technology field with a big dream to earn loads of money while serving the niche market. In the course, he met with Abhishek, a passionate programmer who had just finished his graduation. Deep and Abhishek had the same goal, goal to earn lots of money while serving the niche market. Both started working together, developed a good understanding of each other and became good friends.

Deep, at that time, had no idea of online marketing, used to go door to door and one day managed to grab his first big project "Dhakar Matrimonial". This gave a lift to Abhishek's and Deep's dreams and they decided to open an office on their own. By the time they opened their new office, Deep got equipped with the knowledge of bidding portals and was ready to launch in the online marketing. Luck again favored Deep and he was able to close the most important deal of "AdalabsImagica", Asia's largest theme park. With the project of AdlabsImagica in hand, they were able to convince angel investor "Doshi Consultants". However, there was a serious communication gap due Deep's lack of technical knowledge and Abhishek's inability to deal with foreign clients. The business took a nose dive.

Deep and Abhishek then decided to part ways for the good. They took up jobs with reputed firms, performed well in their jobs. After 2 years, they became upset with the jobs and decided to return to their old business but the problems were still the same.

Yogesh had just returned from Pune after completing his 5 years in the corporate job.( Being Indori, craving for the food brought him back to the hometown ;-) ). Yogesh, an ardent guy, with a plan to start a business was looking for some opportunity. Three of them somehow came in touch one day and were generally discussing things. Deep and Abhishek had a feeling they finally found the missing link. Yogesh had the technical & professional knowledge and was excellent in communication. After execution of a successful project, they decided to move ahead under the name FewerClicks (Found the suitable name after a brainstorming on so many sleepless nights :-) ) Since then, they haven't turned back and are growing and rapidly moving towards their goals.

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